General and Visitor

What payment options do you accept?

To make the purchase safe and easier for customers, we support PayPal as our payment method.

How do I contact the customer support Insurance Agent Finders?

You can contact us for any query at this email address: Info@insuranceagentfinders.com

Do I need a local insurance agent?

Local insurance agents can help you in finding the right coverage, favourable policy terms for your business and most importantly, at the price that is affordable. An agent reads and understand your situation and then match you with the perfect insurance agency.

How can I find an insurance agent?

Here’s how you can find an insurance agent on our directory.

• These are the options that can be used to shortlist a perfect insurance agent for your business.

• Firstly, enter your keyword, let’s say you’ve entered “Auto” as a keyword in the first box.

• Then, you can add the geolocation to find an insurance agent from a specific geo-location.

• On the next options, you can select the agent and their specialities. Once, you’re done entering all the details, click on the search button.

Which insurance agents I can find on Insurance Agent Finders?

Here at Insurance Agent Finders, you can find these insurance agents relevant to these areas:
• Auto-Insurance
• Home-Owner’s Insurance
• Health-Insurance
• Business Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Supplemental Insurance

Professional and Backlinks


What benefits my insurance agency can avail of by adding my listing to InsuranceAgentFinders?

Listing your insurance agency at our National insurance directory can get you these perks:
• You can expand your reach to more local customers
• Your insurance agency can build its credibility
• Our insurance directory is equally beneficial for new insurance agencies or agents

How to register as an Insurance Agent?

Follow these steps to get yourself registered as an insurance agent:
• Click on the register/login option on the upper-left side of the page, below the header.
• A new window will appear where you can have two options, professional or visitor. Click on the professional button and then enter accurate details, down in the boxes.
• Now, you’ll be taken to the agent dashboard where you can see different options, as shown in the image.

Is there any charge for adding my listing?

The good news is we also offer a free listing option, so if your insurance agency doesn’t have enough budget then can register themselves on this platform completely free.

How do I add my listing?

Here’s how you can add your listing to our insurance directory.
• Firstly, locate the Free Listing option in the header and click it.

• Then, you’ll be taken to a new page where you can see two options, free listing or Premium listing. Now choose any of these options according to your preference.

• For instance, you’ve clicked on Create Premium Listing option then you’ll be redirected to the cart page. Now, confirm your package and then click on Proceed to checkout button at the bottom.

• On the next page, you’ve to enter the billing details and other details in relevant boxes.

• Once you’re done with entering all the required details, click on Proceed to PayPal option at the bottom, and now you’ve to complete the payment.

What benefits are offered by premium listing?

A premium listing offers these advantages over a free listing:
• You can list your insurance agency in 20 different categories and you can add your website as well as phone number
• You’ll be given access to city-wide listing, zip code listing, statewide listing, countrywide listing.
• Other than that, you can add the media to attract more potential clients and by adding the customer messages, your customer services will also improve.

Why do you need to buy our backlinks services?

We offer backlinks from relevant insurance websites, which will have high authority and great Influence on your ranking at top positions.

How do I get started?

Here’s you can get started.
• Firstly, you need to share the anchor text to be used for building backlinks.
• Our team will send you a list of niche-specific blogs based on 20+ link metrics.
• You have to choose the websites based on the ones we have already shortlisted.
• After that, our native English writer will draft the content for outreach.
• Then, your backlinks will be placed on the sites that you have selected.

What backlink plans do you offer?

Currently, we’re offering two backlink packages which are as follows:
• PLAN 1 – 5 Backlinks for $49
• PLAN 2 – 30 Backlinks for $99

Will I get a permanent backlink?

Yes, we provide the guarantee that all of the backlinks will be permanent and will be given from well-written content.

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with the services?

Yes, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with our services.